Using this Pearson System of Courses Reviewer Platform

  • Home Page
    1. How this Reviewer Platform works.
    2. Learn about the Pearson System of Courses.
    3. Get started with the program.
    4. Review content by grade.
  • Main Navigation
    1. Grade: Jump directly to any lesson through the grade navigation menu
    2. Unit Overview
    3. Unit Selection
    4. Lesson Selection
  • Grade Overviews
    1. Resource Library and Teacher Resources available at the grade level
    2. Grade Unit TOC
  • Unit Overviews
    1. Sub Navigation
    2. More to Explore, Teacher Guides, Teacher Resources
    3. Each unit is composed of many lessons, organized into one to three episodes.
  • Additional Context-Sensitive Navigation
    1. Closing sub navigation
    2. Use the context-sensitive navigation menu to switch to another unit in the same grade.
  • Lesson Overviews
    1. Lesson-Level Educational Standards: This link opens a subscreen showing which Common Core Standards the current lesson meets.
    2. Each lesson starts with an overview.
    3. Lesson Start
  • Task Screens
    1. Task Navigation: Navigate from one task to the next in the lesson.
    2. Each lesson is composed of tasks.
  • Teacher Guide

    Check the Teacher Guide menu for information about the current unit or lesson. Use this menu at any time to read the Teacher Guide about the current unit, lesson, or task. Choose the X button to cancel.

    1. Teacher Guide
    2. Teacher Guide Task Navigation
    3. Close Teacher Guide
  • Teacher Resources

    View additional documents, such as instructions and handouts, for the current grade or unit.

    1. Teacher Resources
    2. Use the context-sensitive teacher resources menu to view handouts and other documents for the current unit.
  • More to Explore

    More to Explore is a collection of topical, grade-appropriate resources designed to make use of digital technologies and extend the learning within the Pearson System of Courses for English Language Arts—including a robust library of readings, e-books, research activities, and challenges to keep students engaged.

    1. More to Explore launches in a new tab/window and navigates to the current unit.
  • Resource Library
    1. Access the resource library from any screen for tools, vocabulary, rubrics, and more.